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Sites with iFrames? Bad? / Sites with iFrames mostly not allowed!
« Last post by Webmaster on August 05, 2014, 04:21:45 PM »
Among the members there are some new ones submitting sites with iFrames. If an iFrame is used for a banner exchange ad then we will accept it and then check the other rules for violations on whet we accept.

Some of the sites submitted have multiple iFrames with actual sites in them, this is not acceptable. If one of the sites goes off-line then the that page will become a frame breaker. Some members cheat and put in hidden iFrames that actual act as if they are surfed and then get credits, this is "Cheating the site in the iFrame with fake traffic".

We check submitted sites for what the Iframes actually are, do not try to be sneaky and shady,
we will just ban your account!

NO exceptions!
aWolf Site Rules / Our Site Rules
« Last post by Webmaster on July 20, 2014, 03:39:07 AM »
These types of sites are NOT accepted on the aWolf Traffic Exchanges:

Warez, porno, nudity, hate, gambling, too many scripts. framebreaker codes, hidden scripts or iFrames
Redirects, url shorteners, masked sites or popups.
Most Rotators are allowed to Upgraded members only!
Sites with Sound/Video are NOT allowed on any Auto or Reg surfing exchanges. Sound is only allowed on Manual or Hover Sites!

Sites that are allowed with limited visibility and NOT allowed on the network:

Sites with too many ads/banners,
Sites that load slowly.
Dating sites
Sites that advertise gaming links.
Non English Sites.

Remember.. Most Splash pages with no sound work everywhere!!!!

This will be updated as needed!
BAD Sites!!
Some people are making bad sites and submitting them to different traffic
exchanges and probably other types of sites as well. These sites will try
to load as many as 88 iFrames and overload your browser, then
STOP your surfing!  Admins beware!!

When I come across more I will list them here!!

Important Site News / Surf Contests
« Last post by Webmaster on April 04, 2013, 01:06:41 PM »
All the aWolf traffic exchanges have "Daily" Surf Contests!  hd-)

Most also have "Weekly" surf contests as well. Contest results are calculated everyday and Winning credits are awarded to each winning member. You can find the current standings of a certain site using the sitemap on that particular site, look for contests, then follow the links.

AutoSurf, Manual & Hybrid sites all have running surf contests. There is a minimum number of sites to surf to qualify. Each site had it's own requirements and winnings.

Happy Surfing!!
Important Site News / Re: Our aWolf Sites now on our own Server!
« Last post by Webmaster on January 27, 2013, 04:51:53 PM »
1/27/13 For some reason the server's file system went to read only, support says if this happens often a more detailed inspection will be required. So with this the server was down for about 45 minutes. I have also heard and inquired about scheduled server reboots being a good practice. I will start doing this about every 6 weeks. In doing this the server self check itself and prevents other issues.

I will start doing this in early March, for now Happy Surfing and sorry for the small downtime.

Important Site News / Re: Our aWolf Sites now on our own Server!
« Last post by Webmaster on December 31, 2012, 08:25:23 AM »
Yesterday 12/30/12 We had a Server issue, the Drive failed, and had to be replaced. It took all day for the techs to reinstall the server and restore our backup from the old drive. I do not believe any data was lost because all the data had to be copied from the failed drive to the new one. The backup was found not to be any good, but luckily they were able to use the most recent data from the previous drive. This 500 error was what you seen when trying to surf while the drive was failing. It seems to be something out of my control and also the host. I will have to update the server in the next week or so, things should still go smooth, but somethings might require a reboot of the server, so there might be a time or 2 when the sites will appear off line for a few minutes, or not responding. I am happy we were down only 1 day due to all this.

Have a Great New Year everybody, and thanks for being one of our members!

Important Site News / Re: Our aWolf Sites now on our own Server!
« Last post by Webmaster on October 09, 2012, 04:16:26 PM »
Occasionally the server might have automatic updates, some affect surfing for a few minutes, some may not.
As for everything else a 1000% improvement from what it was before!!

So far so good, this page will have announcements regarding any future server issues!
Important Site News / Our aWolf Sites now on our own Server!
« Last post by Webmaster on October 03, 2012, 02:32:01 PM »
Now on our own Dedicated Server!!!!
Sorry but adjusting the sites to the correct time affected surfing until the time catches up, probably about 4 hours!

Sorry for any inconveniences!! :(


Our aWolfpack Network / Re: Why we are a "Private" network
« Last post by Peaches on August 26, 2012, 04:19:22 PM »
You can see who your friends are
Our aWolfpack Network / Why we are a "Private" network
« Last post by Webmaster on August 25, 2012, 04:59:48 AM »
We had all intention in the beginning to stay a private network, I let in a webmaster that I know takes great care in his site, fine and went well. I was asked to let in another webmaster in who has a couple sites, ok why not right? Except the webmaster has absolutely NO experience in running a site. I make a couple suggestion and still things seem ok for a short while. One day I am surfing one of my sites and get a frame breaker from a 'Network Site", I report it to that new webmaster, he said the site was ok, I told him what the problem was and ignored me.

A few days or so later I get another frame breaker while surfing, again the same "Network site". I as the owner/operator of the network send a message to that webmaster and say " I had another frame breaker from that site, my only option is to  take you off the network, unless you take care of it, sorry". So I get a reply of  "You know what Bob. Bite me. Please remove me from your network." Some webmasters do not care about their sites and do not wish to learn, this is a perfect example. So if you were wondering why it is private, now you know, with webmasters like that one it gives us all a bad reputation. As for the webmaster, you know who you are!

So to continue with one more thing, the webmaster I originally let in who was well experienced, closed his account and sided with the inexperienced newbie webmaster.  I never had any issues with him, but friends are friends, and they stick together, that's ok also. Now he is out of business and his traffic exchange is gone!

I attempt to keep my sites clean from interruptions and provide the best surfing possible, others do not seem to care.. I am tempted to mention sites names, but that would not be professional.

Case closed,

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