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Submitted By: Webmaster Date: July 13, 2013, 02:32:20 AM Views: 1266
Summary: Member's having issues!

First I would like to say thanks if your a member of any of the aWolf sites!

Occasionally there is a member that thinks they are better than any other members and that we should approve their sites that break the rules, this is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! No matter how big a fit you take, cry, or threaten. Such members will be dealt with if they become abusive starting with accounts being Banned, and if need be they will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Many sites accept some rule breaking urls, because they do not fully test the sites which leads to issues for members who surf their sites. Our rules are tough, but unless a site changes from when we tested it our surfing stays very stable!

When a site gets rejected it happens for a reason or reasons as follows:

If a site has frame breaker code, that means occasionally it could break frames while a member is surfing, obvioully stopping the member from getting their views/credits.
If a site has hidden scripts/self decrypting scripts or similar they could lead the member to a porn site, popups, frame breaker, etc.
If a site is just banners and no content it is just a waste if bandwidth and not justifiable to send into rotation unless there is some content.
Video/sound sites Never allowed on AutoSurfs.
Redirects, shortened urls or similar are not accepted because the sites could change without our testing.
Some Vs-TrEx sites rotators are allowed, others are not.

These are rules we follow and do not allow any deviation from the rule.

If your site is rejected it probably has the reason listed above! I also will not allow obvious junk sites that nobody wants to see!

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